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Oldsmobile Wiring Diagram

1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 3.1L ewd
1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 3.1L ewd
1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 3.1L ewd
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Oldsmobile History

Oldsmobile - the oldest American car brand. Cars of this brand are considered elite. The company belongs to General Motors.


The company was founded by Ransom Olds. In 1891 he made pevy tricycle prototype, powered by steam. A year later, Olds made the first car that worked on gasoline. Buyers showed the car is of great interest, and already in 1897, Olds was able to organize his own company called Olds Motor Vehicle Company. Cases of this venture were not very good, and in order to get rid of troubles, in 1899 the company has been renovated and converted into Olds Motor Works.


The history of the name of the car is very interesting.  The name of the car was named after Sir Olds organizer company. But marketing research has shown that this name in the minds of people is associated with the elderly and old age, but not with the creator of the firm. People think that the car was designed for the elderly. What to do? Abandon the name? But he was already almost 100 years ... Advertise a car as a youth? But then it will no longer buy the elderly. Exit found pretty quickly. The car began to advertise the car for those who «young at heart» (young at heart). And who says that his heart was not young?


In 1901 was built the most famous car called the Curved Dash. It cost just $ 650. It was the world's first truly affordable car. Everything was fine up until March 1901 at a plant in Detroit is not on fire. The company was completely destroyed. The company was moved to Lansing.


By that time, has managed to put together Olds vast fortune. Two years later, he sold his shares.


In 1908, the Olds Motor Company became a member of the corporation General Motors. Olds created at this time a new company, called Reo Motor Car Company. In this company, he continued to experiment with internal combustion engines. He tried to adapt these engines for a variety of needs, including chisde and for agriculture. Among other things, the first motorized mower was designed precisely Olds.


As always, with a lot of money there, and big ambitions. I guess this is what zaschtavilo Olds buy near the northern tip of Tampa Bay more than 35,000 acres of land and build a city. In honor of its founder, the city was named Olds-on-the Gulf. Now the city is called Oldsmar. Olds ceased to be interested in this city after city has been hit by a hurricane in 1921. In 1950 Olds died.


Today, the oldest American car brand, thanks to which in America has its first real production car «Tornado» front-wheel drive and the world-famous «muscle car» 4-4-2, it becomes a part of history. At this very hard to believe. But the way it is.


Very long overdue need for radical change. Of course, the board of the company delicately calls "restructuring." The fact that the model Oldsmobile very largely duplicate those products that are produced in other parts of the company's GM. All of these cars are the general directions in design and common platform.


Oldsmobile, this is the oldest automotive brand in America, lasted until 2005. In 2001 was released the newest SUV Bravada. It comes in two years. After that, it was transferred to another division of the company GM. This extremely tough decision was dictated by considerations of economy. Oldsmobile car sales in recent years has steadily declined, although the development of new models has been invested about five billion dollars. Alero Aurora model and will be released for the youth of America. But popularity among the general population models are not used. In addition, the management of the company GM has reduced the number of models in production from 80 to 63. It did not help that car sales began to increase sharply. Most likely, the matter is in the new policy sales group. Who the warranty period increased by 40%, is also expected big discounts and installment.


Very rapidly lost popularity with the model Alero coupe and sedan, equipment Although this car is quite competitive. This model is Used in production until 2004.


Back in 2003, was discontinued model Intrigue. Despite the suspension and steering tuned quite "sport", she abruptly lost sales. Legacy and all the parts that were used in this car.


Best hope at the time assigned to the full-size luxury sedan Aurora. It was designed for wealthy youth. He began to justify himself only a year after birth. But he lasted only until 2005.

Until 2007, lasted only SUV Bravada. But subsequently it began to produce under a different brand of concern General Motors.