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Seat 127 1978 manual de uso ESP
Seat 127 1978 manual de uso ESP
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Seat Alhambra Users Manual
Seat Alhambra Users Manual
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Seat Ibiza Workshop Manual
Seat Ibiza Workshop Manual
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Seat Leon 1M Manual
Seat Leon 1M Manual
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Seat Toledo_Owner_s_Manual
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SEAT Wiring Diagram

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SEAT History

Seat (SEAT, Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo SA), a Spanish company specializing in the production of cars. In 1990 it became part of the group Volkswagen. Headquartered in Barcelona.




May 9, 1950, SEAT was released as a joint venture of the Spanish National Institute of Industry, 6 Spanish banks and Italian carmaker FIAT.




Production begins SEAT 600 - this car is very popular, and in the following years began a strong rise of the automobile industry in Spain.




Following a period of significant internal growth in 1965 was the first car exported to Colombia.




SEAT has opened its Technical Center in Martorell, near Barcelona. Today he is known as one of the most modern car factories in the world. By the end of 1970, SEAT has produced more than 4 million. Cars.




SEAT has opened its Technical Center in Martorell, near Barcelona. Today he is known as one of the most modern car factories in the world. By the end of 1970, SEAT has produced more than 4 million. Cars.




FIAT has sold its stake in SEAT Government of Spain, having worked for almost 30 years with the two companies. Since SEAT began to develop their own cars.




In September 1982 SEAT signed an industrial and commercial agreement with Volkswagen, and a new era began.




Volkswagen acquired a 51% stake in the company, and became the third SEAT brand in the Volkswagen Group. Later that same year, Volkswagen increased its stake in the company to 75%.




Starting the construction of the plant in Martorell.




The share of Volkswagen's SEAT is 99.9%, while in the same year, SEAT Sport has opened its new headquarters in Martorell, where production of the new plant has already begun SEAT.




At the Geneva Motor Show a model of SEAT Proto TL. In the same year, Volkswagen acquires a 99.99% stake in SEAT. The first vehicle developed as a part of Volkswagen Group, has been made - Toledo.




SEAT acts as a partner and sponsor of the Programme of the Volunteers in the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona.




In February of His Majesty the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, together with the newly appointed president of VW Group Ferdinand Pihom cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the plant in Martorell capacity of 2,000 vehicles per day. A month later, he was presented a new model of SEAT Ibiza, and immediately started off the assembly line every day to go to 530 cars. The factory in Martorell working on the system Just in Time («just in time") at which each car is sold in advance, so virtually eliminates the need for maintaining stocks of components. When the car is just starting its way through the pipeline, it established a "black box" - an electronic device that records all transactions performed. Then, the accumulated information is analyzed for errors, and the engine is tested on the bench. Then sit behind the wheel test.


1995 - 1996


The company presents a prototype model of a new car Alhambra and the Inca. In September, it released 10-million car.




Martorell factory assembly line came 11 millionth car brand SEAT. It was a car SEAT Cordoba Vario, first presented at the Motor Show in Barcelona. For a short period (from 1995 to 1997.) Company SEAT was able to double its production - from 5 to 11 different models of bodies. This was made possible thanks to technical center, which is unique in Spain. Its production facilities include the latest technological advances and the latest computer system (CAD / CAM / CAE), test equipment and equipment for experimental work on engines, laboratories in acoustics, vibration, wear, climate research, studies of atmospheric emissions, etc. . d. SEAT supplies its products to 62 foreign markets. In 1997, after the finish of the San Remo Rally, SEAT Sport team became world champion in Formula 2 Rally for the second time in a row, taking part in the remaining two phases: in Australia - a victory in England - 2nd place.




In parallel with participation in the F2 SEAT launched an attack on the leaders of the overall classification. In August, the Finnish Rally of 1000 lakes debut seatovsky «World Rally Car» - SEAT WRC Sordoba




Company SEAT presented to the public a new version of the car Ibiza and Cordoba, as well as an entirely new model - Leon, with the help of which the company SEAT discovered the largest segment of the European market - a segment of compact cars. Leon - a new stage in the history of the group, since it is the first all-wheel drive, 180-hp car brand SEAT. The three-liter Arosa, so named because of the extra-low fuel consumption (less than 3 liters per 100 kilometers) - another novelty in 1999. Company SEAT became the first West European manufacturer to offer a car with such low fuel consumption. The number of employees amounted to 14.317 SEAT person, dealer and service network includes more than 3,600 enterprises across the globe.




Technical Centre celebrates its 25th birthday.

SEAT celebrates the anniversary - 50 years since the establishment. Another milestone in the history of the group was the premier car SEAT Salsa at the Geneva Motor Show. This concept car fully designed by the Technical Centre in Martorell. Aesthetic, functional and technological perfection of the model - the application of SEAT for the future. In addition to progress on its core activities, SEAT has achieved significant results in sports. After three successive victories (1996, 1997 and 1998) car Ibiza Kit Car, the sports division of SEAT (SEAT Sport) has provided finish factory team among the winners in the two stages of the World Rally Championship in 1999, in his first season of participation in the highest category World Rally Championship. This result, together with a third place at the Rally in Kenya in 2000, confirms the potential of the team championship SEAT.

Millennium Company meets with the new official name of SEAT SA




SEAT produces 11 million cars. At the factory in Martorell on the same assembly line with a hatchback SEAT Ibiza, its cargo-passenger sedan and modification Inca Cordoba going completely identical to the last two models of Volkswagen Caddy and Polo Classic, as well as SEAT Cordoba Vario station wagons and Volkswagen Polo Variant. Big SEAT Toledo do here, but on a separate line. Three other car under the SEAT brand produced in three different locations: Marbella at the first factory SEAT in Barcelona, minivan Alhambra and the VW Sharan and Ford Galaxy in Portugal, and the little Arosa is available at the head office of Volkswagen in Germany.

On MotorShow in Bologna was introduced New Ibiza, the new generation of the most charismatic models of the brand SEAT. Also, the presentation of the SEAT Tango concept and presentation of the prototype model Leon CUPRA R, developed SEAT Sport. Euro - official currency of the Company's internal




SEAT enters the Audi Brand Group, where together with brands such as Audi and Lamborghini. In turn, the Audi Brand Group is a part of novoorganizovannogo Volkswagen Group.

President of the Volkswagen Group appointed Dr. Andreas Schleef.

On MotorShow in Paris held a presentation of New Cordoba.

With the model Leon Supercopa SEAT successfully renews its participation in the racing circuit.




Year of change and innovation, marked by the emergence of a completely new model SEAT Altea!

The prototype of this key player was unveiled at the Frankfurt MotorShow. The development and adaptation of the production process of the model manufacturer has spent 582 million. Euro! As noted by Dr. Andreas Schleef (President of the Volkswagen Group) is Altea marked the start of a new era in the development of the brand SEAT. And, indeed, the words confirmed a significant increase in car sales in the markets of the complex in terms of sales in countries such as the UK and Germany. Strengthening the position allowed the SEAT brand to enter the Audi Brand Group.




The world premiere of SEAT Altea at MotorShow in Geneva marks the official start of a new era in the life of the brand.


In March, the company held its first Open Day at the factory - manufacturer in Matorelle. The number of visitors reached 41,000 people.


In June MotorShow in Paris the presentation of New Toledo with an updated body confirming the era of renovation and improvement of brand SEAT.


In the same year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the production model Ibiza. The total number of issued units was 3.3 million.! Furthermore this model sports were added to the version: FR, descended from the conveyor in January and the CUPRA - presented in June, with the most powerful diesel engine of 160 hp!




This year was marked by the presentation of New Leon, is the sports model of the entire series SEAT! The ceremony took place on MotorShow in Barcelona, in which was also presented version of New Leon WTCC. In the same year at the Frankfurt MotorShow world premiere Prototype Altea FR - the first car of the new generation. One of the main heroes of the SEAT Altea FR is its engine. Based on the engine 2.0 TDI 103 kW (140 hp), it offers a capacity of 125 kW (170 hp). Altea FR is the most powerful diesel version of the car in the history of the brand SEAT.